Few Facts About Serviced Flats Will Impress You

When we travel to a new place either for the business purpose or to see any city, the default option for accommodation in the city remains for us is, hotel. The reason for the same is, with this type of accommodation, we remain sure about what we will get here and what types of services will there for us. The five star or seven starts hotels often have a bar and restaurant, gyms, spas, pools and business lounges.

To stay for a few nights this option is best as we really not have to think of things like food, gym, room cleaning and so. Everything remains close to us, and all we have to do is move out and use it. However, living in a hotel for more than a week is like confining yourself. After spending a week or some more days, we start feeling claustrophobic, no matter how many amenities we are getting in the hotel and how big the room is. So, the questions are what is the alternative?

The alternate is the furnished serviced apartment at Dash Serviced Suites, these are the apartment that offers the facilities of a hotel, but give the comfort of living in the house. It is becoming very popular among the travelers who stay in any city for a long period of time. This is because of the following reasons

  • Suites

Most of the hotels have standard room size with just a bed. If you choose to take bigger area, then it will include a coffee and for that you will charged heavily. The same is not true with serviced accommodation; here the room size remains big just like the master bedroom with attached bathroom and living area. So, you have ample space to move around and feel comfortable. Moreover, you will charge much less in comparison to the hotel rooms.

  • Kitchen

No hotel can give you the option to cook food of your choice, and thus by staying in a hotel, you are left with no options rather to have expensive food of the restaurant or search cheap food outside. But, this is not true with the serviced apartment at Kowloon. Here, the traveler is given a fully operational kitchen to cook food, make tea or coffee or just the breakfast. This way, you not only get the food of your choice in a new city, but you save also.

  • Living area

This type of accommodations also offers living area that used to have everything that a living area should have sofa, television, balcony, etc.