How To Hang The Pants Properly?

How to hang the pants properly? 

Wearing a   pant of any kind has become an essential of our daily dress up routine. Men and women all wear pants of different kinds. The major problem which comes   in wearing the pants is  related to the irononig and proper hanging of the dress pants properly. The specialized Pant Hangers are readily available in the markets but still it is a big challenge to hang them properly so that their crease is not disturbed and the ironed dress pant does not slip down the hanger. It often happens that the most perfectly hanged pant can slip down any moment and any time. This is not a difficult thing to hang the pants if you learn certain tricks of the pant hanging. Some of these tips are as follows: 

  1. The first thing is to check that how the creases are running on the pants. As you get your hands on the crease place it on the table. Flatten it on the table with the help your handsthis is the time to start the folding process of the pants. Never fold from the top to the bottom. The process      needs to go from the bottom to the top.  
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